Hey 👋


I'm a self-taught fullstack dev who has been working for a small IT shop in Sydney, Australia for more than 10 years...
I also run Interapptive on the side for funsies.

Originally, I completed a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. And then proceeded to not work a single day using the skills I spent 4 years at university acquiring. A couple of years spent doing CAD drafting work before moving into low level business analytics.

The tech stack I work with is mostly Node.Js, C#, Angular, Ionic with a little bit of Java and Swift thrown in for Capacitor plugin development. SQL Server, MySQL and MongoDB are my data stores of choice. I also use Microsoft Azure for all my DevOps needs.

My work with InterApptive focusses on mobile apps, with our current project being DefectWise

I write short snippets of common code that gets used a lot, small tips I've found whilst building stuff, along with some case studies of my projects and a bit about how I got here.