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How to Add a Column to a Microsoft SQL Server Table

02 June, 2022

Modifying existing SQL tables is a common use case as the data models for your application change over time. The most basic of these modifications is adding a new column to a SQL table to capture more data.

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Add Auto-Increment to a Column in SQL Server

25 February, 2022

Knowing how to add auto-incrementing to a numeric column in SQL Server is a skill all database admins should have. It is an exceptionally common use case, whether it be on the Primary Key column of your table, or you need a column to identify insert order or similar.

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How to Create a SQL Server Index

21 February, 2022

Adding indexes to your SQL Server tables is something that you will do plenty of times throughout your career, either as a full-stack developer or as a specialist database admin. Fortunately, adding indexes to tables in your database is a pretty simple task.

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What is a Foreign Key?

01 May, 2023

Foreign Keys are a necessity in any relational database. They help connect distinct data tables together by creating a tightly-bound reference between the tables.

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What is Memoization?

08 May, 2023

Memoization is a term you will come across at some stage when reading about frontend frameworks, libraries and in various packages you may need to use. This post will explain what memoization is, why use memoization and how to implement memoization.