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Best Indie Fullstack Developer Tools

18 July, 2021

A curated list of the best developer tools for fullstack indie developers covering everything from coding, git, database admin and devops

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How to Make Money as a Developer

08 December, 2021

Being a software developer of any flavour opens a wide range of possible income sources to you so that you can invest your time and energy in creating the lifestyle you desire.

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How to Use Environment Variables in An Angular App

05 September, 2021

Environment variables in an Angular app are extremely useful for storing constants in your app that need to be used frequently, such as API url's, API access keys, Firebase config values and other general flags.

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How to use Environment Variables in NodeJs with Express and Dotenv

22 September, 2021

Environment variables in NodeJs are essential for setting configuration options as well as storing important values securely. The environment variables allow you to store API keys and other configuration secrets independently from your main codebase and separate from your git repository so they never get checked in anywhere. Being able to configure and consume these variables is essential in creating solid, production-ready NodeJs APIs for all applications.

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Setting Up an HTTP Server with Bun

09 January, 2024

Bun is a lightweight and flexible framework for building HTTP servers and APIs in the mould of NodeJs. This post will guide you through the initial configuration set up of a Bun HTTP server.

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Use Azure DevOps to deploy a NodeJs Function app

31 March, 2022

Setting up continuous deployment on an Azure Function app can save a lot of time, particularly if your development process follows small, agile deployments where you may deploy to your production environment multiple times a day or week.

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Using Regex to Add Spaces Before Capital Letters in a String

04 April, 2023

Quite often as a frontend developer, you will want to use a string returned from an API as a header or a label in one way or another. Perhaps as a tab title or in a card for a dashboard. Unfortunately, the API may not be aware of this, nor capable of returning a string formatted in a nice way to allow the label to be human-readable.

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What is Function Recursion

25 April, 2023

You'll often hear or read that a recursive function was used to solve a programming problem that arose during the development of a piece of software. So, what is a recursive function, how does it work and when or why would the need to use one occur?

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What is Memoization?

08 May, 2023

Memoization is a term you will come across at some stage when reading about frontend frameworks, libraries and in various packages you may need to use. This post will explain what memoization is, why use memoization and how to implement memoization.

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Why I use Microsoft Azure

14 July, 2021

Reasons why Azure is the DevOps platform of choice for me